I wrote a solo, but theres a section in it that I would like to be harmonized, how do you figure out what position to play at on a harmony?
If its a really fast solo I'm not sure this will work but I usually just do it by ear. I record the solo, then play over it with other notes from the same scale that sound good...this usually takes a while depending on the length but Its pretty fun
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Yeah, it's somewhat fast, I tried your method first, dand, But I think I may have been playing it to high, the 3rds worked out well.
Harmonizing using the 5ths of each note works well, too. Depending on where you play the solo, just move two frets up or down from the note, and one string up or down from the note.
Perfect intervals are lame in harmonizing, I say 3rd's and 6th's are better, but maybe that's just personal preference.
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This specific part in the solo is just a me playing |----15--13--12--15--13--12--| on the bottom 4 strings, I don't know much about scales, so I don't even know if that would be considered one.