Ok, so i just moved and i wanna start a band, but the problem is that i dont know anyone here. what am i supposed to do if i wanna get a band together sometime this year?
ads, classifieds, make friends, go to music stores, ask people, busk, make a one man band, etc
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go to local gigs and get talking to fellow musicians
Look around to see if their are any clubs or societies dedicated to live music or intsrument playing
Put ads up in local music shops
Put ads up on gumtree
Put ads up in newspaper classifieds
Go to the musician Classifieds in UG
Persuad people to take up intsruments
go to Craigslist.com and select your area. It's a big classified ad.

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Put up flyers, want ads in papers, go to local gigs and talk to people, do whatever you can. Play loudly in your garage, maybe someone will come down and see whats happening.
CRAIGSLIST it is amazing, i live in a shitty town where i couldnt meet any good musicians, i put and add on criagslist 3 weeks ago and im currently in 3 bands (still trying to decide which one i like the best)