I ordered everthing I would need to build a guitar form guitar fetish in one order. I've been reading they never get the stuff to you correctly and im screwed. Is this all true.
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They sell them for like 250.

I mean....idk, the ones I've played feel pretty sweet. They need adjustments, but all guitars do. They have a LOT of cosmetic problems and stuff like that. But I mean they feel and sound pretty good. Of course they aren't as good as 1000$ guitars, but I'd give them a 400 or a 500. They're pretty nice if you set them up well.
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They usually have them blowing out for 150.

I'm not a big fac of GF stuff but they are really good as far as support goes. I won some pickups on ebay after reading so much about how great they were and they never shipped them.

I emailed them and they got right back to me and shipped them out but forgot the instructions and answered my email about which wire was for what right away.

Many would see this as bad but they fixed the mistake quick and were right there with service. To me, anyone can have good service while things go well - where you really see how a business operates is when something goes wrong. They were great.

I ordered a set of conversion bushings from them and they came quick.