Whats the difference between flatwounds and roundwounds?Do flatwounds give a mellower more of a thud sound or what.Because ive got a yamaha rbx170 and the strings that are on it arent right for the music that i play.
Roundwounds are spun towards the end of a steel core, the string that is spun up the core is much wider on flatwounds, thus giving a silky feel and more thump. Experiement, buy some flatwounds and try them.
Before we go down the path of one versus another, what kind of sound are you looking for?
If you'r looking for the late 50s to mid 60s sound then it will be flats after that the Bass became more prominent due to rounds singing more including the now standard fitting of HF units (Horns) in cabs to re-produce the zing of the rounds.
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Of course, you can still cut through the mix with flatwounds, they just tend to give off a "bassier" sound which effectively cuts out the mids and leaves the music without a very twangy/growly/zingy bass tone instead leaving a mellow quieter more filling tone.
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