Hi guys, i was just wondering because i only have a zoom g1 (which is sort of alright) but i was thinking of upgrading my pedal since i already have with my guitar and amp.
Basicly I play alot of indie, and its pretty much all i play with a little bit of blues and rock in there too.

My fav guitarist is Russel Lissack who's the guy from bloc party and he pretty much depends on boss pedals for his tone. Whats most important is the overdrive.
I was looking at the ME-50 and the boss compacts eg OD2. The ME-50 looks great, but if it doesnt sound as well as the compacts then i dont feel like droping the £150 price for it.

IN SHORT- for an indie music artist and mainly looking for overdrive, should i get the ME-50 or a bunch of compacts or something else?
compacts. the ME-50 blows.
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The ME-50 doesn't blow. It's good for its price, it has an assload of effects, and it's built like a tank. The effects on it aren't amazing, but they're good enough for a 300 dollar product, considering it has pretty much every effect out there.

To TS: It all depends on whether you want all those additional effects on the ME-50, or if you just want overdrive.
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I have the ME-50 and am now looking to sell it. It's a lot of fun for messing around, finding your sound, experimenting, but if you want all-out great tone, you're going to want individual pedals. It's up to you.