Basically my guitar needs an overhaul. I need to adjust the action, the intonation and get the string tension the same as the spring tension. What would be the best order for this? My thoughts were: Action, intonation, bridge?
Intonation should be the last thing you do. Any changes to the bridge/action will affect intonation.
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Before anything else, straighten out the neck with desired relief by adjusting the truss rod.
Not quite.
1. First adjust the tension of the bridge.
2. Adjust the neck with the desired amount of relief (bend). You may want it straight or with a slight curve.
3. Re-adjust the tension of the bridge.
4. Adjust the height of the action.
5. Adjust the intonation. You may need to go back to step 3.

Ideally you should be keeping in mind all these things at the same time.