ok i have an epiphone les paul like the starterr ones. ive had this i dea about fixing up. putting new pickups, gear, ect. is it worth it and if so what are some good things to get for it.
Probably not worth it to be honest. It could be, but you'd probably be better off buying a better guitar, but first of all, much more important: a good amp.
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^ That all depends. If it plays amazingly, then thats something you just cant find so easily nowadays.

If it really is a great guitar minus the parts/electronics, then upgrade it. If it is shit guitar all around, then just get a new one.

Better yet, build a new one.
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I'm doing it with my lp-100, mostly because it is an incredible guitar to play. The stock pickups, wiring, hardware, etc wasn't so great, but the way it's set up right now is amazing. The action's just ridiculous, I've played LP Standards that weren't half as nice. For mods, if it's one of the cheap lp's, tuners are a good place to start. Swapping out hardware, pups, and wiring gets a little pricier. Honestly, I've stuck with my LP because it has a lot of sentimental value to me, but if that's not the reason you want to mod your guitar, then you'll be better off saving the money and buying a higher end model. That said, I have a thing for lower end epi's, my LP-100, and my girlfriend's brother's LP Special II both outplay some much more expensive guitars. And I can tell you that if you drop some nice pups into an LP-100, it will absolutely wail. Good luck, just realize that with the money you're looking at spending you could easily buy another guitar. Just make sure it's worth it.
if you like the playability, go for it. otherwise, it's a waste. it's probably better to buy a new guitar.
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