This is one issue I'm very concerned about, given the recent bank failures and was just wondering if someone could be give me a little summary + sources to read up on their positions. Who do the economists favor in general, who has the smarter plan?

We just need less idiots running the big bucks. When you spend money that doesn't exist, bad things are going to happen. I dunno how much the next president will change things.
We're only strays.
it doesn't matter, which ever wins, they will do as the federal reserve bank says, it's been this way for almost a century and that is why we are ALL pwned! Not just America either, the federal reserve isn't even American, this is gonna go global within the next 60 years... Mark my words!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
^This is asking us who has better economy not versus overall on a vague thing that can never be satisfied.

I watched the debate a few days ago, they both dodged the question. I'm scared.