what tuning do u like to play in?

I like Drop C and B.

i also like Standard D and C.
I had my guitar setup for drop c, and really never leave it.

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i hate any tuning thats drop
E standard ftw
and C standard is ok if you really wanna spend a while turning knobs
I usually play in E standard. Drop tunings are cool by yourself, but in a band I find myself fighting with the bassist. I also like to use half step down sometimes too.
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Drop C and D standard. . . I hardly ever go lower anymore. Eh, about fighting with a bassist there are so many bands that are no where near that, unless the bassist starts playing around the 24th fret of his High G. . . or you are talking about Meshuggah. .. . Necrophagist, The Human Abstract, Children of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir(at times), Arch Enemy, etc. they don't have to compete with their bassists.
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i don't like anything lower than Bb. Anything below is just WAY to low. Besides. Thats what a bassist is for anyway
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i like it in the the c standard tuning of the guitar, you can already play a lot songs with it.

ya..i agree with you...but you have to be a good guitarist to know a lot of songs in just one key...
E standard; makes playing all kinds of music easier.

Last time I tuned to drop D I was trying to play a Sonata by Bach
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I lovee me some E standard.

but I also enjoy drop c, and most of the songs I have written are in D standard

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Standard is my most used tuning. My favourite alternate tunings are: Down half a step, down a full step, Drop D, Drop Db, ECDGAD, DbAbDbDbDbDb, Open G, Open Gb.