I've been looking at guitars, and noone seems to have exactly what i want... and someone suggested a site called ranguitars.com
now i've been looking at their custom shop gallery and some of those guitars are absolutley beautiful. So, does anyone know if they are goood guality?

also the guitar would probably be a Jackson Star Body shape, Burn Orange satin paint. clear satin on back of neck, 24 fret ebony board. matching color banana headstock. 2 volume 1 tone, string thru, neckthru, white binding on neck and headstock. w/ emg 81 and 85 pickups

and idk if im allowed to post a link but,


look at their custom shop page, some of those guitars are absolutley killer
In the past year there quality has gone down a bit. There prices and waiting times have also raised. They're quality guitars, but I would think they wouldn't be up to par with other known brands.
Ussually, depending on the price you're willing to pay, the builder that aren't that well known do excellent jobs! There are ussually a couple of high-quality builders on forums, that sometimes give other members deals and whatnot. I don't know if this forum has anybody that does that sort of thing, because I haven't been here to long. I do know that there are certain builders that do better work then alot of well known companys. I think I'd go to one of them for a quote as well if I had a descent bit of money for a custom.