Ok guys, I'm going to the doctor tommorow but I'm curious to know what I really have. I've had a pretty bad cough for the past week, stuffy and runny nose, no fever,chest pains, 3 weeks ago I had a sinus infection, but best of all...

wait for it...

DIARREHEA! I originally thought I might have bronchitis but then the diarrehea hit, and i can't find the connection (of course it could be seperate too). If anybody has any input on what I migh have please tell me!
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Dude. It's AIDS. No matter what the symptoms, what you think, or what anyone else thinks, it will always be AIDS.
You got 'em. What you gonna do AIDS boy?

I apologize if you actually do have them.

why are ppl stupid tonight. We cant answer medical stuff plus this is spam kinda
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