Hey, I play heavy/speed/thrash metal and I know nothing about pedals. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what pedals are great for this style of music?
What kind of amp do you have? You don't get good sounds from a pedal, it comes from the amp.
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Umm. Wah for solos?

The only pedal I would ever use for thrash is an OD to boost my amp.
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What kind of amp do you have?
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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distortion, wah, overdrive, but really its all a matter of opinion
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you're amp should do 95% of the work, with an overdrive in front of it most likely IF You have a tube amp. Solid State a OD is not as necessary. You'll probably need the ISP Decimator and a Wah pedal and that should keep you happy.