Ok I won't but crit anyway please?

The two songs in question are in my profile, just click on view all mp3s and they are the last two.

Genre is shred rock.
Drums were programmed with guitar pro.

Also if you don't mind or are interested listen to some of my other songs and rate.

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I enjoyed your tunes. You are way better than I was in high school!

In terms of my critique, this is what I like:

(1) You have a nice, natural fluidity to your solos.
(2) You do a great job of transitioning with your solos. You follow the chord progressions really well.

what you can work on:
(1) your "vocabulary" - this is something we all could work on. Expand your knowledge of the fretboard. Get out of the "box" and play throughout the fretboard, relying less on patterns. Experiment with different keys in different positions. Come up with some nice licks in each position in every key.

Thanks for posting your music. I enjoyed it. I posted a thread titled "some odd instrumentals" if you want to check out my stuff - or simply click on the link in my sig