So my band finally got around to doing some recording. We've been playing together for about a year and a half, but only started playing shows recently. After one of our gigs the guy who booked us (for a cancer benefit show ftw) hooked us up with a guy who would record us for a reasonable price. We've finished up a few songs and the rest of our EP will be done next weekend. We've posted 3 new recordings on our Myspace. Two of them need parts redone on them, but the song on there titled "Tommorow's Nightmare" is for the most part completely done. I'll C4C anyone who wants to do Tommorow's Nightmare.


check out all they videos on youtube
they dead serious about thuggin like that
if you ask me they are fruity
an i hope one morning they drown in there fruit loops
Nice work! You guys combine everything I like about Heavy metal - driving, but not overly so, rhythm and great guitar harmonies. The changes and transitions are also very well done. I would definitely enjoy seeing you guys live...unfortunately I live nowhere near Fargo.
Thanks man, we're planning a short tour this summer so if you want live anywhere in a 200 mile radius of Fargo, you'll probably have a chance to see us.

check out all they videos on youtube
they dead serious about thuggin like that
if you ask me they are fruity
an i hope one morning they drown in there fruit loops
I gotta tell you, not my style of music but it definetely sounds great. Tomorrow's Nightmare's harmonies and the way its composed make it sound very tight, for a year and a half of playing together you guys must have practice your asses off. I dont like the vocals all that much...there's not enough actual "singing" there, but it fits the music, you guys definetely have your stuff down. If you could critique my guitar piece in my signature that would be very nice of you.
Reminds me of old papa roach. cool.

Check out my original song on my profile if ya dont mind. My first song ever with some drum loops. Gonna do the vocals for it soon.

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Thanks for the crit!

Tomorrow's nightmare sounds tight, agree with above poster that the vocals sound a little close to just talking rather than singing. I might up the volume of the drums some, they seem pretty deep in the background. Guitar parts sound great together though, really well done.
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Tomorrows Nightmare - Ye sorta remind me of A7x with a hint of atreyu. The intro Harmonies could be better I think. But its still good. Imo the song flows well till the verse. If I have recorded that song, I would keep the verse as a pre-chorus and use the main fast riff as the verse. As for the chorus I like the melody you have, but I would have suggested maybe straightning out the guitars with some nice lead behind it. Kinda like what you did near the end. It would make the song longer and flow better. But nevermind what I say, its only how I would have gone about the song haha!

It stills flows pretty good, and was good to listen to!

Chemical Bleedout - Wouldnt be my type of song with the slap bass and rapping. but for what the song is its good. The song flows well and nicely written.

Extinction - The intro really needs to be alot tighter concerning the guitars. Seems alittle all over the shop. I think the vocal style for this song is a little bland. It doesnt really scream METAL if you get me. Music wise its nicely written with some nice leads.. Really like the fast part around 1:50, really gives the song a nice boost. Solo could use a little work before the tapping part.

Over-all tho not a bad demo and shows the potential ye have!
excellent production and very tightly played!!! I love its thrash metal feel at 0:28! best riff in the song imo, the riff for the verse is pretty cool too, too bad things slow down after the singing (im a 100% thrasher ), but only for a little while ^^

no big solo in the song but actually I cant see any room for it, its ok as it is now

really good job with vocals man

5/5 awesome!

Ok I listened to the first three up there.

Chemical Bleedout: Didn't listen to the whole thing, jsut not my type of music, at all.

Extinction: I actually really liked this one, although I found the vocals to be a bit different from what I expected in the driving guitars, probably just my taste. Great guitar parts though.

Tomorrow's Nightmare: I love the intro, it gives a nice sense of building up for the song. I like the vocals much more in this one than the others, just found more of an edge. Except in the first part of the chorus I find the end of the words kind of fade away instead of ending strong. I really like the guitar in this one, too bad theres no awesome solo, it would really fit well in this song.

Unfortunately it seems the bass (I figure you that's what you play due to your display name?) got a little lost in the mix and I really can't hear it at all in any of the songs.

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I gave Tommorow's Nightmare a listen:
Very cool intro - nice drums!
Cool Riff.
I love the sound that you got out of the guitars - nice and Tight!!!!
One of my favorite parts is right before the end - the little melody with the guitar = cool!


ROCK ON my Friend!

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Hey thanks everyone, I'm the lead guitarist for Wasted Effort. We're also trying to figure out exactly what genre our music is lol We've heard rapcore used, that fit?
pretty sweet but id say its more hard rock, not metal
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