for numbness/tingling/pain in the thumbside of my forearm. chances are he's going to do an emg and it will hurt a lot. what do ya'll think the chances are that me restin my arm on the body of my guitar while playing is causing it and do you think he'll tell me not to play for a while (weeks-months)? cause if he does i might have to tell him to suck it.

also anyone else have any similar experiences?
Make sure to sue him if he sticks your fingers.... EDIT: I just figured out what is wrong with this statement. It should be his fingers... Yeah, look out for his fingers.

You'll probably be fine, I wouldn't be to worried about it. I it bugs you that much ask the doctor.
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he;s doing an emg? tell him to do a seymour duncan
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an emg is where they send a jolt of electricity from one point to another to see how well it travels throught the nerve, any other day i'd be happy to get emg's