no idea. any words on it, at all?
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
See that sticker inside the soundhole? Can you give us a high quality image of that please?
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well this is all I got , & the sticker isnt clear , i cant read anything, i know its classical guitar maybe a gibson cuz when i typed in my search on bearshare image this is the only pic i found tht match my guitar (mine dont even has tht sticker) , a friend of mine tells me that i can put steel strings on it is true ?
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If it has nylon strings on it now, then do not put steel strings on it, as it will most likely damage your guitar badly. If you feel a NEED to know, take it to a shop and ask, but if it is a classical nylon guitar (which it seems like, but since we don't know for sure :/) then it would be very bad to put steel strings on it.
do you want both a folk guitar and a classical guitar?

if you do i would recommend you just buy one that you like more now and buy another one later when you get the money for it.
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