Sorry for all the noob posts lately. I don't have any cool audio friends like the inhabitants of R&R.

Okay, so in accordance with your guys' advice, I got a Presonus Inspire firewire interface. Problem is, my computer won't detect it. I downloaded the Vista 32-bit driver from Presonus.com, went through the setup, and when prompted, plugged in the inspire. The light went blue for 2 seconds (it seems to do this every time I plug it in) and went red due to lack of sync. I hit the "next" button on the setup, where it proceeded to try and detect the interface...then the "plug in the interface" dialog came up again. This continues in an infinite loop until I manually exit the setup.

I've tried driver installation on different firewire ports, a pci firewire card, and a whole different xp machine. All produced the same results.

Do I have a $150 paperweight? Am I doing something wrong? Is there some kind of magic button I don't know about (I checked.)?

Thanks in advance
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I just bought one of these too and while it worked for me straight up but there was a period after where it would just show the red light no matter how many times I unpluged it. I know you've already done this but I just had to reset my computer and it went back to normal, sorry I can't be more help. It seems pretty fragile though like moving it too much makes it go red and what not.
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