So, I've had this crappy 10 watt amp for almost a year, I've been having some problems with it. I think it might be on its last breath, though.

So, a couple days ago it suddenly started making sort of a static kind of sound, that would get softer/louder as I adjusted presence, treble, and middle. Last couple times I used it, though, it started making loud popping noises out of nowhere.

So, here's my question. Is my amp dead, or is it like when I had a grounding problem that it's just something retarded I didn't learn how to remedy yet?
The cord is pretty new and hasn't been abused like the amp has. I might try using my roommate's amp, see if that helps at all.
Right. I at least know enough not to play a bass through a guitar amp, unless I really don't like said amp's owner.
I had the same problem with my line 6, unfortunately it wasn't my amp.
Turns out that I just had to change the 9V in the back of my bass, and it was right after I got my brand new Mogami cable so it probably isn't your cable. If you don't have a 9V to change then it's probably a grounding problem.
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