Can anyone give a good insight into what's involved in sanding the finish off the back of a neck, like materials and what to do.

I have an Epi Les Paul, all around great guitar, but the finish on the back of the neck is too sticky for me. So instead of spending god knows how much to have it done, i'm quite confidant i can manage on my own, with a little help

any sites with lots of detail would be cool, i looked but nothing too detailed.
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Ok, what ive done in the past is just use some steel wool to get gloss off of necks.
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Yep, the general consensus around here is to use 0000 steel wool and just rub it on the back of your neck till its smooth and not glossy.
Yes. Or sandpaper can work as well.

I would check out www.projectguitar.com

You should have some finish on it though. If not, your skin oils and sweat will muck up the neck worse than a heated bus shack in which homeless people sleep.

I recommend tung oil, or gun stock oil. Incredibly smooth and fast necks.
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