Today I had a test and the instructions were to simplify... I looked and here is the fraction: 35/108 Simple right? wrong!

factors of 35 are 1 3 5 and 35 all not divisible by 108 and factors of 108 are 1 2 3 36 and 54

I spent literally 20 minutes on it trying to simplify it but couldnt change a damn thing. I then wrote "You cant simplify this", handed it in then left. Doing this is odd and thats why I am curious to see if I made a mistake.

So UG could this be an error or is there somthing I didnt spot...
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Maths thread on the same page. Delete this thread and take it there please.
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how about math thread. i will report this if i have to come back muhahahahahahaha

EDIT: *reported*

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Whenever I want to simplify a fraction I just put it into my Ti-83 and get the decimal then hit math and use the to fraction function.

That is if you can use a calculator...