Anyone played one of these? They have a fathom at my local music store that i was looking but didn't get a chance to play. I could'nt really find a review. Just wondering what you guys think of them.
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They're really good; I dig the combo versions. They're voiced differently from the MPulse line; it's like they have a more aggressive, in-your-face sound. There's more upper-midrange accentuation. Also, it's got a pretty simple EQ, and you can run it at 2 ohms.
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Like, my-fist-through-your-teeth punchy. Other Mesas, like the 400+ and Titan, have a warmer tone that's more similar to a kick in the chest (which I prefer). (the tone, not a kick in the chest.)
"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny." -Bender Bending Rodriguez
I also played the combo a while ago and thought it was solid. It came with a massive round tone that made every instrument sound like it was 5lbs heavier than it actually was. Good EQ, all that.

However... in this day and age, pretty much every top drawer bass amp company is making a product like that. I believe that Mesa > all mentality only applies in the guitar world and in the bass world Mesa's as good as any other company but nothing more. That amp is just as solid as a similarly endowed SWR Redhead, Eden or Epiphani setup.

In conclusion, am I telling you to avoid it? No. Am I telling you to put it at the top of the heap? GOD no.
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Go for a Gallien Krueger 1001RB. Sounds punchy and in your face like the Mesa at a fraction of the price.
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