and i decided to bring my guitar in and play maybe 1 minute of something to everybody. Whats a good excerpt from a song that sounds nice, but isnt too hard to learn in a couple days? preferably a solo? also one that has a good rhythm guitar in the back.
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Just learn a simple 3 chord song and sing. People are more impressed with that no matter how awsome the solo is.
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Into the Light - Joe Satriani.

If I remember correctly, it's about a minute long, sounds incredibly nice, and is easy.
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Go learn the intro/verses to Karnivool's "Themata", then mod it to play both by yourself. It's got good time signature oddness and it's not boring to listen to.

I think i agree with the first poster, though. Wanking only impresses other guitarists - writing a song with vocal melody that's good can impress anyone.
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