Hey this is my first poem/ song so be as hard as you can on me. This really hits home for me but I want to see if others can relate to it.

If I had
A thousand clones
that all looked like me

then i'd never
have a question
on who exactly to be

Who needs a whole world to explore?
I've got a friend, he's right next door
We don't have much in common, sure
but looks, they're everything and more

It was good times, but at what cost?
That all means nothing now.
Without my clones, I am lost.

Who am I?

Where have all the good mirrors gone?
I look now and cannot see flesh, skin, or bone
At least then I could see my clone
I guess it hurts to be alone

Of course, in the context of a song there would be more repetition and a clear line drawn that the downfall is happening before it happens