i want to make my own drum tracks but i dont have a MIDI keyboard and the ones in the library not really what im looking for. is there any way else?
If you click on the little scissors icon towards the bottom of the screen you should get a MIDI editor window.

You can either build a beat from scratch by inputting every note or import a beat from the library as a starting point and edit the rhythm.
A Google search for "drum samples .wav" will turn up thousands of websites where you can download samples taken from drum machines. Drag these into the instruments section on the left side of the timeline, and you'll see the sample show up in the timeline.

From there, you can lay down a beat by copying and pasting the samples. A quick way to do this is by selecting a sample in the timeline, and then holding down alt while dragging off the sample. This will automatically copy it, but if you don't drag (just hold down alt and click), it will duplicate the sample without moving it, so you have two samples directly on top of each other. This results in the sound being louder than it would be normally, for apparently no reason.

It may help to zoom in using the small slider at the bottom of the instruments list next to the timeline, and you may want to set your grid to 16th notes or even 32nd notes, using the grid size at the top of the right-hand timeline scroll bar.