OK so i really want one of these babies, and i know i'm gonna have to go used if i have any chance of getting one. HOWEVER, i just talked to both of my parents, and they both seem to think that almost everyone on ebay is trying to scam you and if you use craigslist you'll get jumped or something.

They said to just buy it from Guitar Center but anyone with half a brain won't sell it to them. Although i did see an ibanez copyright LP and peavey wolfgang there last time.

So as you can tell i'm kinda stuck. I'd either have to get hella lucky that:
a) Someone actually sells the Axis to GC in the first place.
b) That it happens around the beginning of december so we can put it on hold and wait for the 1 month period to pass.
c) GC is reselling it for a reasonable price.

What should i do? I can't seem to convince my parents that eBay is ok if you shop smart. I told them about feedback and they argued that the seller could just put feedback on claiming to be someone else that bought something from them.

They have pretty much crushed my hopes of getting this guitar, which i really really want.
Damn that sucks, my parents used to be the same. Maybe keep looking for a seller that accepts COD or Local Pickup (unless the jumped thing again of course)

Find a seller that has a whole lot of feedback, like a Power Seller...tell them that you can't leave yourself feedback unless you have multiple accounts and sold stuff to yourself, which would still incur the listing fee and stuff. No one would go to all the trouble and all the costs just to get fake feedback
Ebay is perfectly fine, I've never had any problems with items I buy. And remember, it IS legally possible to sue anyone who doesn't deliver the product you ordered. And when you pay with Paypal, it's even easier to get your money back.
Unlucky, I just looked at an awesome MM axis on ebay - £700. Doesn't say whether he'll ship to the US though, but maybe you could convince him and your parents. If you can't, then lie
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