Roland Product?

We will never know the reality behind the universal truth that is Johnny DeMarco... But one thing is for certain... He is a legend.

This thread was created to honour the man that makes guitar pedals more stupid/ridiculous than they have to be.

The man who seems to be a cross somewhere between Carrot top, and Steve Vai.

We solute you Johnny DeMarco.


Discuss what you think of the man!
I laughed sooo hard when I saw his review for Boss ME-20 on youtube.
he's ridiculous!
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Man, that guy is weird. he sounds very gay, plus I fail to see how you can review 3 pedals in 2 minutes. Bahh.

Still, he's only half as bad as the GearWire guy. Man, I will shoot that asshole!!

IncuEdit: That guy's tone is ****ing terrible
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Pfft. I wonder why the other Johnny DeMarco thread I posted in got closed! I know it was a few months old but if I created a new one I'd just have got a million replied saying "SEARCH BAR OMG! LULZ"

Anyways, really, does _anyone_ really think that the solo he plays at the start of this video is even remotely good? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ftb-RaD11bs&feature=related

It's just like he's trying to cram in as many techniques as possible, and he fails miserably.
his voice AND music makes good meditation... should try it out if yr into that kinda stuff, seriously.
What a tard...

EDIT: Oh God, on another video 'Here's a coool metal tone'

Is he for real or what?!

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