Well, I'm a self-taught guitar player.. which causes me to run into problems every now and then.

Currently, I have no idea how to advance myself as a guitar player. I've never really had a teacher, so I'm lost at the moment.

I can play and switch chords easily, play barre chords, any songs really. (Except those insane classical ones. xD )

I have no idea how to advance myself from here, what should i learn?

Playing songs usually makes me better at playing that song.. but i want to practice things that make me an all around better guitarist.

Any ideas / suggestions?
Well personally I've found that consciously thinking of patterns of notes that will accomplish the sound you want whilst still maintaining a decent level of speed while I just play guitar. And though I'm very light on my music theory I still think of different ways to play chords to get different emotions across, though I usually don't know the names of the chords I make, and the more I think about these things the better I get at them, which overall helps me as a guitarist in my opinion.
I dunno, I'm no expert at guitar either, but I'd like to think I'm not behind for my playing time.
do you know your theory? if not, it'll help considerably (i know, i'm self-taught too). if you know your theory i'd suggest trying new techniques a lot of the time. work on picking speed and different styles of picking. open up to new ways of playing what you already know. try playing something you know you can't play and slowly work at it until you can. you have no idea how much you will learn doing stuff like that.
Am totally self taught as well so never know if i have bad habits. some suggestions though would be to try a bit of finger style and something like Babe I'm Going To Leave You (Led Zep) or M62 Song (Doves) are nice. Try a few alternate tunings too...most common being drop D. I like taking a heavy song with some octave runs (I think that is what they are called) and turning it acoustic eg Legacy (Papa Roach). Hope that has been of some help but sure others will have some suggestions
hows your ability at improvisation? improv is one of the things that seperates decent guitarists from really good guitarists.

you say you can't play those crazy classical songs...why not try to learn some fingerstyle?
Hey, Thanks for the responses guys. :]

I don't know theory.
I guess i should work on that. x.X

Where to start?
Google i guess wins that one.

EDIT: For the fingerstyle part, i've been trying to learn alot of Tommy Emmanuel's songs,
they're pretty hard but man do they sound amazing.

I'm also terrible at improv, i would still say I'm pretty much a newbie there. x.x
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there's some decent theory threads here

i think there's also a music theory.net or something

edit: classical fingerstyles are really intimidating, but i managed to teach myself to play some difficult sounding parts, and i dont even play acoustic normally. (song = asturias leyenda by isaac albeinz)

edit2: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/for_beginners/learning_music_theory_the_beginning.html

thats a pretty good lesson. i think it might leave a few minor details out, but its intended for beginners.
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Like they said; improv is the way to go. It will make you learn some theory, due to the fact you need to learn keys and intervals and of course a shit ton of scales.

It will be boring for a while, as its a lot like school work. Sit down and study study study until things start flowing naturally through your brains. Memorizes scales and what key they are in.

Check out the Musician's talk forum as well, they're bound to have some good tips in there as far as learning theory and becoming a better guitarist.

Then, the fun part... you can just start finding backing tracks online playing them through your compy and wailing away over top of them. I'd recommend you get some form of mic, or use a line in or something and record what you play... that way you can hear where you screw up, what sounded good, etc...etc...etc...

Then once that is becoming natural. Try Jazz. That's the type of thing you can never truly "master"