Well just like it says in the title, I'd like to know if anyone has any ideas about where I can find a free online metronome that can do 210 - 240bpm since I've just decided that using a metronome sometimes may actually help me push higher speeds in certain exercises, but I'm not going to pay for it seeing as I've coped fine without one so far.
However the one that I found the other day can only go up to 208bpm, & thats a bit too comfortable to make any huge improvements in certain areas ive realised..so I tried using the one in guitar pro but it seems slower than a normal one as I can somehow play at 230-240bpm so I think there must be something wrong.

Anyways, anyone know of some free metronomes to help me? Or maybe there's nothing wrong with the guitar pro one?

I appreciate any help with this,
just go to 110-120
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Learn to subdivide a beat.

John Petrucci's Rock Discipline will help.

Alright, even though it's one in the morning and I should probably be sleeping I'm going to go ahead and elaborate on my post.

Right now I assume you're just playing one note per click of the metronome. In 4/4 time that means you're playing quarter notes. What you need to start doing is playing more than one note per click. In 4/4 if you play two notes to a click you're playing eights, three notes is eighth note triplets, four notes is sixteenths, etc. What John Petrucci recommends is starting with a slow BPM on the metronome like 50 and then continually subdiving the beat to get faster. Even at 50 BPM by the time you get to 32nd notes you'll be playing pretty fast.

It'll be confusing at first to not have a metronome click for every note you play, but it's the best way to improve and you'll notice an increase in your sense of rhythm.

If none of that made sense hunt down a copy of Rock Discipline.
Search in Google "weird metronome" and it should link to a download for that metronome. It goes up to 400 beats per minute, and lets you change the measures, and also the sounds for what the beats are, for example I have beat one set to a bass drum, and then beats two three and four set to normal metronome clicks.
umm thanks for that T!AN i get what you mean but I am actually playing in 16ths atm, which is like u said 4 notes per beat..i have actually tried playing in 32nds at 110 - 120bpm (i think thats what the boom ch ka meant) but it feels a bit weird as there are so many notes in each beat & i just cant seem to get my head around it...oh & i have tried some exercises out of rock discipline such as the semi-chromatic thing which happens to be one of the exercises that i feel i could be quicker at as i can currently do it at around 210bpm fairly comfortably but want to push myself a little more (the whole reason that ive started using a metronome in the first place)

anyways thanks adamdk im going to try out that weird metronome thing when i get the chance, sounds like it should work for me
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