Hey again...

umm well ill get str8 2 it.... im goin on my school camp in like 2 weeks and we are aloud to take out guitars if we wnt 2.... just wondering wat would be some good songs 2 learn before i go on camp... songs that if i started playing people would recognise and they can sing along 2..

Good Riddance

EDIT: Hey There Delilah

EDIT2: Times Like These - Foo Fighters

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battle metal by turisas

battle! battle metal! battle!

never gets old.

also....i cum blood?


Sacrificing Unto Sebek? =D

Raped on the Altar? (thats a sing along.... kinda)
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"Never gonna give you up!"

That would be so cool to rick roll your camp. Except I predict 80% of them would be like "Wtf?!".
But yeah Silent Scream would be good. "Silent scream, bury the unwanted child. Beaten and torn, sacrifice the unborn."
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Fuckin' oath, fella!!
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Strewth, cobber! Good on ya!