Work in a guitar shop.
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

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I know i wish i was as cool as you and be into Sum 41 and Taking back Sunday. Gaylord.

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you should call one of the songs, "Respecting Old People" just to mix things up.

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Blow, hand

And Z.

Srsly tho, you can do alot with music. Be a teacher in a school, teach guitar or something as in lessons. Retail, join an orchestra(if you play some sort of formal instrument I guess), busk, radio, producer, manager. The list can go on.
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There's loads.


That's just a few, and a lot of those are blanket terms covering several jobs.
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I've always wanted to be a producer. So I getz to controllz teh bands!!!1!1
I used to clean guitars down at the local music shop.

Even though it wasnt official (They would pay me when they wanted to)

i would of payed to stay and work there.

Playing on guitars, amps effects i would never own.

I played smoke on the water (BADLY) on a JEM 7V WH

And then i proceeded to play Mary had a little lamb on it.