Hey, i'm not happy with the sound of my humbucker in my mexican standard fat strat. It sounds cold, weak and thin. I'm thinking down the lines of seymour duncans as my fav guitarists > slash, mick mars, frusciante all use those. I obviously can't try humbuckers out on my guitar in a shop situation, so i have to put careful thought into what i change it with. I'm looking to get a nice 80's rock/metal sound, so.. thick, warm real full tone. It's hard to judge but at the moment im swaying towards maybe slash humbucker alcino pro 2, because what i've read on the seymour duncan website sounds good and the audio sample sounded sweet.

It's a moderate output pick up which hopefully balances with my single coils on the strat in volume. I dont want to have to adjust volume so much whenever i change pick up selectors of course as >higher output wud be much louder.

I'm also probably going to pick up a valve 50 watt amp, maybe JVM205C. which i tried out with my current humbucker. It sounded okay but i think a better humbucker is a good idea. I'm not the type for ridiculous gain and im sure whichever valve amp i eventually get will be suffient in that regard. I just want a really good tone out of a humbucker.

If anyone has any advice or input, it'd be much appreciated.
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I have a Seymour Duncan in my mexistrat and want to change it for the same problems you describe. Let me know how you make out I dont know whats best either. I was thinking of putting Gilmour EMG set and adding a trem and lock nut when i fix mine. I like his tone a lot. Wrong forum though by the way. This belongs in gear building and custumising.
i think it's better if you get a new amp first then try to tweak your tone. and when you find out how you want to change your tone, that's when you get pickups. but seriously, get a Seymour Duncan TB-11 Custom Custom. that would suit you very well.
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yeah LP and strat sound very different. my point is i can't go into a shop and try out pick ups on my guitar. it's just i dont have much to go on apart from what the guitarists i look up to use. I will wait out til i get a new amp. Thanks very much