Ok im thinking about buying an Schecter C-1 FR Electric Guitar and i was wanting to ask something about the pickups. The guitar comes stock with Duncan Designed Active HB-105 pickups and i was wondering if it would make it sound better if i switched to a set of emg pickups. Im not an expert on pickups so i really dont know if i should what kind of EMG's i should buy. Please tell me what EMG's would make it sound better only if they are better than the stock pickups.
It depends what sound you are looking, for if you like metal (alot of distortion) then the EMG 81 and 85 could be the decent job, but i think you should try the guitar out if you can.
pick ups are much about the sound you know
What amp are you using?
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Well at the moment i have a very little Sp-10 amp that came with a guitar kit i bought but i will end up buying a different amp. Most likely a Fender frontman combo or some other combo amp. So im taking it that EMG's are better than Seymour Duncans?
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What kind of amp would you suggest i kind of have a budget. Max i want to go is $199. Also would like it to be a combo amp.
As far as amps go, if you want to play metal, something like a Randall might be a good investment... or perhaps a Peavey Vypyr or a Peavey Valveking. Don't get the Frontman, I've been playing through FMs all year at school and they're not all that good.

I can't really give great advice without knowing what kind of music you play, but the Schecter and EMG pickups lead me to think you play metal, so yeah.

I'd wait and see how the Seymour Duncan designed pickups play through a decent amp before you go replacing them.
yyea i like to play metal
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Go with the Peavey Vypyr 30w. 200 dollars, tons of amp models. If you need a review, wait 2 weeks till i get mine, and i'll give you one.
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The Crate isn't as good as people say TBH, and it sucks for metal.

that amp can handle metal just fine
thank you and if anybody else has some opinion please post
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that amp can handle metal just fine

No it can't, it can handle Iron Maiden at best with an OD in front.
If I were you, I'd save up cash and get a decent amp in the future.

Changing pickups does change your tone, but it's best to do it when you've got a good sound already with a good rig. Think of it as "fine-tuning" your sound.