yeah i'm looking into seriously buying this guitar
played it today in a store and it sounded great

i was just wondering if anyone had any reccomendations or thoughts on this guitar?

also I was wondering if the tremolo is a true bigsby or just an ibanez tremolo.
Quote by SenorSmiley
It's not a Bigsby, it's an Ibanez.

I would buy something else.

based on the fact that's it's not a bigsby?
would i be able to remove the said ibanez tremolo and install a bigsby?

the guitar is perfect sound, feel and action wise.
I don't won't to dismiss it because of the bigsby issue.
I wouldn't bother to put a Bigsby on it. I played a couple of those and they didn't do it for me. If you like it go for it. How much $?
$800 australian.

I want this to last a while though
do you think i should go up a step more?

for playability and longevity sake?