Hey, i've been playing guitar for a little over two years, im looking at getting a new guitar, thing is as you've probably guessed, its got no inlays short of one at the twelth, has anyone else here made the change? how long does it take you to get used to it etc?

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Yeah, I've never seen a guitar without inlays AND no markers on the side of the neck.
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...is that a problem? my first guitar didn't have any inlays at all, except for the fret markers on the side of the neck
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my guitar is like that, like every one else has said look on the side their is probly markers their (sorry if i used the wrong tyoe of "their in a lil dumb)
side ones are all you need, guitars with no inlays look siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
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If it bugs you, you can always get some white painters tape and put it on the fretboard where the frets would be. If you take your time it can look fairly decent. Otherwise the side fret markers should be fine for a reference.
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You'll get used to it after a short time, at least I did.
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Just get the sticker inlays if it bothers you.
You can get whatever design you want pretty much.
Personally, it would take me literally no time at all to adapt to an inlay-free guitar, since I always go by the markings on the side of the neck. The only use I can see for inlays is to make it easier to see exactly what other guitarists are doing. Makes it easier to learn songs.
I don't think I even look at the inlays, just dots.
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