Hey there so I want to upgrade my guitar and need some help.
There is this guitar that I want but is too expensive to buy from a store but i've seen it on ebay for much cheaper than what it is advertised in the store.

The guitar is a ESP LTD KH-202 Kirk Hammet signature guitar and it costs $1500 in a store. But on eBay it only costs $799 to buy outright.

So here is the dilemma if it costs 1500 in a store but 799 on ebay is the one on ebay a replica or "fake" and the person is trying to flog it off.

It would be extremely helpful if i could get some tips on knowing how to spot a "fake" or replica guitar.

Honestly it would be much appreciated if i could any advice on buying a good guitar. Below is the address for the ebay item.


Thanks very much.
I'm from Australia aswell.

There are plenty of below retail guitars on ebay. See the name of the seller how it only says 3 on it? It means he has only sold 3 things (I think). Don't buy from people below 50 as a general rule of thumb
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The three refers to total transactions on Ebay, both buying and selling. With that few transactions I might be cautious here. There is a company out of China that sells counterfits through the net and Ebay. I am not saying that is what this person is doing, but it is odd that the seller sold another of the same guitar this month.
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Thanks for the quick replys they have helped me very much. I did look at the fact he had already sold the same kind of guitar in the timeframe of a couple of weeks so that is a little suss. so i think i'll be cautious here and try and get the price down at the store.

but if there are any suggestions for getting a different guitar then they are welcome.