i'm most likely going to see the killers there this month, and all the tickets cost the same. my first thought is to go for the general admission standing area since its closest, but my second thought is that even though its closest, its the same price as the other two for a reason, which would mean that there's something bad about it. help?

please and thank you.
Well, the seats are generally far back, or as far back as you can get in a venue of that size. I've been to two shows there, and I think general admission is the way to go. Although you have to stand the whole time, it is a rock concert, and if you do everything right, you can be inches from the stage.
ive been there to see A7x,
at first i wanted to go on the floor, but my dad was going with me and my friends so we bought seats on the second story (the first was sold out) And the seats were awesome. You could see over everything and have a perfectly clear view of the stage. Get there early though, so that you can get to the front row of seats because they arent assigned.

Looking back at it now, Im glad i got the higher seats than on the first story.
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