Hi everybody,

I already had a topic on my first two songs, (and I asked about my third), but I thought it was more clear to make another one only for my last song : I have to leave.

(Hope I don't bother)

My name is Ulysse Dupac, and I'm a 18yo boy. I love to play guitar, and I started in april to record myself, and create some songs with Logic Pro, on a macbook. I do all by myself: Guitar: played and recorded by me Lyrics: written and sing ( Shocked ) by me Bass: played on a midi keyboard Drums: played on a midi keyboard and sampled ... Well... Everything, from the begining to the end.

I finished recently my last song, after 50-60 hours of work, and I'm actually really proud of it ^^

I hope you have 10 minutes to spend on me, that'd be awesome!

I have two requests for you, generous people:

1. Check my songs on
and let me know on this topic what you think, if you liked it or not, why. What would you change, etc. You rather should listen my last song : I have to leave

And 2. If you have facebook, check my music page, and lose 10 seconds while joining as "A fan of Ulysse Dupac" (hum hum) ^^

Thanks again!
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Well I would love to listen to the song, but it seems that there are no tracks on your pure volume.

And you gave the link as purevolum.com and forgot the "E" on volume.

Fix it and I will be glad to Crit you.
Hey man!

Sorry I forgot, though my songs were on Facebook as well ;-)

There you go; I cant wait ^^
I love this, funnily enough the minute it came on I heard sirens down my town and it just made the song have an awsome start!

Really liked the start of this song, Nice chord progression and vocals.

When the drums kicked it, for me it pushed the song back, the tempo change just didnt fit in nicely, sorta gave a rushed feeling. Sort out the tempo problem.

The transition into the electric guitars was ok, I think you could of left it just acoustic guitar and lay off the effects on the solo. Its written well tho.

Over-all its a well written song, but its kinda a bumpy ride production wise here and there if you get me. So just a little few fixes would smooth it out and the song would flow vert nice