The YOU MUST game.

Rule #1: YOU MUST decide before you view the last posted thread if you are playing.

Rule #2: YOU MUST accept the next quest on the list. You will be given two options to choose from.

Rule #3: YOU MUST DO IT. (within a day)

Rule #4: YOU MUST leave two quest options for the next viewer.

Rule #5: After you complete the quest, you can do or say anything you need to to get out of trouble such as, "oops, sorry," or "it wasn't me," or "I was playing a really stupid game."

No death or life altering quests. It's just a game. Have fun and make sure the quest options are ridiculous but somehow completable! In the future, i'll post a stories section to post your tales and adventures. I'm sure they will be hilarious.


Quest #1: You must ask your boss or teacher if you can stay at his/her place for a couple of days.


Quest #2: You must dig up a medium sized bush.


mwahaha. BEGIN.
You must /thread.
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#1 - pee while doing a handstand


#2 - sh*t while doing a handstand


I just lost the GAME...
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Oh my ***ing god that pron one is like the best one ever and i have seen all of em. Congrats dude you just beat Kensai.
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She had her period.

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That's a good idea
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Oh wow this is a guitar forum!
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Karvid is sexy

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