Just curious,

Cause if you look to your numbers of view and you compare it to your views:

1 rating of 454 views
0 of 96

1 of 22

The statistics:

16 tabs:


16 ratings.

You also look at your own tabs a few times and other view them more then one time so let`s do it with -10% on the views.


So 16 out of 1708 rates a tab.

1 out of 107

My songs tabs aren`t the best-known but still.

And the Master of Puppets tab


944 ratings.

1 out 95!

Altough Master of Puppets is a really long song so you might view it more often to see everything.

But still, shouldn`t we rate more often as credit to the contributor?
I think a lot of viewers are unregistered and they can't rate tabs.
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
Im registered and I dont usually rate tabs. The reason being (in my own analysis) is that when I look at a tab, i dont really know how good its going to be untill i start to play it. Sometimes its obvious from a mental analysis that the song colud be close or darn near perfect, but when you actually start playing there be a few things that are off. The songs I do get that are rate worthy, i usually dont get back on to rate it. Im moving on to a new song so to speak. This may be the case with a lot of people, but I agree that we should rate as much as possible, as a credit to the contributor, and because there could be a lot of great tabs that no one will look at due to the low rating.
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I think a lot of viewers are unregistered and they can't rate tabs.

true, very true i know a few people who use this website to look for tabs but are not regerstered