How much have you spent on pics?
Im gonna buy one of those Dunlop Pic holder things to save me from losing pics xP
I spent 6 bux on picks my most expensive pick is like $1.50 , some South Park pick.
My friend spent like 56 bux on 2 of those HUGE-ass pic packs.Then he lost most of em.
discipline. i keep my pics in a small mug. i use one pick for more than 3 months. my most expensive would be Dunlop Tortex. i bought one for over $1.50, and i know it's a bit overpriced.
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@Ghold125 Don't they have security cameras?
@Tomaz24 LOL A BUCKET? Like 2 litres full of picks.
I buy tortex in bulk off ebay
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once i brought a pic made from metal fpr about 3 quid, i thught "it wont wear out, brilliant" used the pic wen i got home.... i hated it, it scraps agaist the strings too much (if that makes sense) i prefere fender mediums/thick of the blue dunlop ones
haha dude i have like 4 picks ive been consitantly losing and finding them for the past month. i spend like 1 50 on picks when i buy them... ussally i take one to use at the store and i put in my pocket; i don't even realize i stole it until i get home lol
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@Ghold125 Don't they have security cameras?

the ones they have out...that have the Guitar Center logo on them
Im going to end up having a pick collection when i go back to my local music store : D
Picks at my store are 50 cents.
I've seen Herdim picks on eBay for $200. yip that's right $200. It was one of the original Herdims from East Germany, with logo in the middle. I think the company has now gone out of business now. Very rare pic.
The Edge uses these, backwards to get that unique scratchy sound, and I think that contributed to the price too.
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