Alright I've checked the searchbar and nothing comes close to the criteria I'm after.

I'm on the verge of buying a twelve string and was wondering if they are really different from 6 string with the obvious string number aside. Like are chord shapes still the same you just bar more?

A little help please

everythings the same as far as chords and all that go. 12's are just a bit harder to play because the neck is so much thicker (I find) But the sound is really great. Gives everything a much fuller sound. Only problem is that there is a lot of music that just doesn't sound that great on a twelve string. Play a few first, see if your music taste works with them
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Chord shape's are identical, just on every finger you push down, you'll actually fret 2 strings. 12 strings have 6 sets of 2 strings close together, that are an octave apart, with the exception of the B and high E strings, which are identical pitches. In short, you won't have to change your style at all to play a 12 string. Hope this helps.
Yeah cheers guys that was what I was looking for, I play a bluesy chilled acoustic style!

Thanks for the info