I got bored and uploaded a few tracks that I found whilst browsing my PC. Some are just conceptual, but any input of any of them would be greatly appreciated.

New -
Space In Between
Sea of Distortion
The Electric Acoustic Blues

C4C as always.
Space in between - sounds good, the two string parts mesh pretty nicely together. However up to 50s and still just sounds like an intro... the high riff on the guitar is really just a rhythm pattern so playing it over and over again without a more established lead or some vocals gets tiresome. The change at 1:20 or so needs to come sooner if this is meant to be an instrumental track - either that or add a lead part... I'm guessing this is "conceptual" so basically it sounds pretty good but hard to say much more without hearing a lead or vocals with it (which would be the real "sound" of the song imo)

Sea of distortion - Pretty well done. It's short... sounds okay not sure what else someone could say about it :/

EA blues - pretty much generic blues riffing here, not bad but nothing special either. I do like the little embellishments at the end of some of the riffs - like a really short squeal with some echo (not sure how else to describe it), might be overused but its a nice effect. From 2:00 to 2:20 is a little weak, not sure about the high notes there - same when you hit them again around 2:48 and 3:05... just doesn't sound that good.

Divides - not a fan. Repetitive pattern that just doesn't really sound that nice, too many notes crammed into too little space with too little deviation in pattern.

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