So i got a 500$ budget and i want something with an active pickup set and hopefully a fixed bridge cause im not a heavy trem user. If any one can enlighten that would be nice, and also im not interested in any ibanez, its not that there a bad brand its just ive had bad experiences. Oh and this will be my second guitar and my style is kinda neoclassical with a little metalcore mixed in. this is my first thread so let me know if i made an idiot of myself.
try an esp!!!
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dude if i told what im currently playing you would fall on you ass from laughing, but ill tell you any ways. im playing a stargazer jcx which nobody has ever heard of. its a dinky piece of shit, my tress rod is busted one of my tuners is shot so its glued in place, my bridge is crooked my trem is lodged in it and wont come out. as you can tell anything will be an improvement but i want a good buy at the same time. and im not kidding.
im playing through a line 6 spider 3 2by12, i was lookin at some esps and the kirk and alexi custom models caught my eye but they both have trems and passive humbuckers, maybe theyd be worth buying and getting some new pickups installed. I usually shop at musicainsfriend.com and zzounds.com if you guys know any better sites let me know.