Ok so ive been using ableton for a short of a year now, but im pretty awful when it comes to programming stuff etc etc.
I play through a Line6 toneport as im sure many of you have used/heard of. its the kb37 so i tend to use it as a midi keyboard as well.
Heres my problem.

Don't ask me how ive done it, but ive arsed it up so that i cant play midi through it properly. When i try to drag an "instrument rack" instrument onto the track, it comes up at the bottom "only audio effects can be placed in send tracks. also somehow the KB37 doesnt control the midi anymore.

BASICALLY, what im asking is, is there any music tech buffs that know how i can reset the midi set up of ableton( live 6) and how i can set it up to allow me to play midi properly?

i know its a bit of a long haul and a bit of effort on your part, but id seriously appreciate a hand at this, its been bothering me a lot since ive a loose wire in my guitar and no solder at present
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Quote by saphrax
Add/Remove Programs,

Uninstall Ableton + Remove Preferances

Install Acid.

Being as I have never used it before, that's all I can suggest.

Or try this.
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