Ok people, I just cannot make up my mind. I've spent hours researching and going trying guitars out, and still don't know. I need something less than £300 (Though much cheaper would be preferable). No boring shapes. I've narrowed it down to...

BC Rich Masterpiece Mockingbird
Schecter Omen-6 White
Schecter Revenger
Dean ML XM

So if anyone can offer any advice on any of those guitars listed, or any other guitars you might recommend, that'd be great.
NOT the BC Rich.
I'd say Omen
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NOT the BC Rich.
I'd say Omen

schecter omen 6 or damien or demon
schecter is the way to go
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i got a dean ml x...they look cool but they are pretty crap...sound horrible unplugged and lack the versatility you would find in a schecter...
Get the Omen.

I hate Deans, and that's not just a bandwagon thing, every Dean I've ever played I've wanted to destroy, except one, which was merely passable.
Well... I say Revenger. I think it's better than the Omen. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SAYS THAT?

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schecter is metal. anything else is alternative rock lolz..... that should be a slogan seriously