Hey guys,
I have a HRD and i'm currently working on getting more life into the drive channel. I have a boss SD-1 and it works fine but i was wondering if it'd get better if i get a TS-9 infront ( i also saw a TS 808 Keeley in the shop for €260 crazy?).

thanks for your help
Yes better but also more expensive, the SD-1 costed me €40 second hand , and TS-9 is €90 second hand , where i live. Wondering if its worth the extra cash
Circuity wise, the TS-9 is only one componant away from being exactly like the SD-1. They sound very similar, with the TS-9 having a bit more of a hairy/spikey sounding high end.
MESA 412
The SD-1 has more gain imo, but doesn't have a very good bypass. Because of that, it works better on it's own. The TS9 works better in front of amps because you can turn it up and not kill yourself with the feedback, the tone control has a bit more range, and the bypass is ncie on it.

Van, are you sure you aren't confusing the MXR Super Distortion and DOD 250 with the Super Overdrive (SD) and TS9? Because that is EXACTLY how I would sum the two up, with the DOD being harsher. I personally think the Boss is more like the Super Distortion with a tone control and crappy bypass
and what about the maxon od 808 or 9 they cost 120€ new so i guess they cheaper than the ibanez second hand
They are cheaper and considered better, but there isn't really much difference, so I would go for the Maxon. (Actually, I am going for the Maxon). But if you like your SD-1 then don't buy anything new, you'd be only disappointed I think.
well I think it's oke , but as HRD's drive isnt the best im trying to get more life in it. prefer trying that than just ignore the drive channel and put a distortion infront of the clean channel