Poll: How long is your hair?
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View poll results: How long is your hair?
72 13%
Eyebrow length
178 33%
Chin length
83 15%
Shoulder length
146 27%
Mid Back
50 9%
Lower than ass
13 2%
Voters: 542.
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Medium length I suppose. I can pull the fringe to about eye-level, the sides and back are pretty short to keep them neat and the top is somewhere inbetween so I can rough it up.

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It's pretty short nowadays. I got the teenage long hair thing out of my system.
My hair length isn't there my fringe goes to my eyebrows but the back and sides are pretty long- also reconsider the title it sounds wrong
i thought it was about "pit hair".... really.
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eye length i supose. Used to be longer but not shoulder length.
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Somewhere in between shoulder length and mid-back length.
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My hair length isn't there my fringe goes to my eyebrows but the back and sides are pretty long
used to come half way me ass, now it's shoulder lenght, but I want it te be long again, it's so easy xD
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I said buzzed even though it's really not right now. I got it buzzed to 3/8ths of an inch about a month ago and now it's growing back in. Probably at a good inch now.
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i thought it was about "pit hair".... really.

good idea, all post yout hair lengths in centimeters, and add it to the one that posted before you lolz.

I fell asleep on my arm once, scariest thing that ever happened to me. I thought it was kill.
cheek length I suppose...
and I agree with the guy above...anything past upper back is ... well what girls don't like.
It seems ridiculous on a dude.
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My fringe is just a bit above my eyebrows, although I generally gel it up into a bit of a quiff anyways. The rest goes from jaw level (at the back) to there.
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I remember hair.
Goddamn hippies.
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not long
2cm or something like that
on the side
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It used to be a little below eye brow length (like it is in my profile pics) but now it's buzzed
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Well, my hair is naturally curly, so it doesn't look as long as it really is. When wet, it's about 3 inches below shoulder length.
Below my nipples.
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Mines about nose-length now

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not nearly long enough. i just got my parents to let me grow it out, and its only to my nose if i pull it down. this is taking forever.
i've never grown my hair out before, but right now it's about 3 inches.

only been growing it for about 3 months, so it'll definitely get longer.

planning on dreading it when it at least gets to 8 or 9 inches
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It was fairly long emoish for a while. Now it's shaved Jamey Jasta style.

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"Eyebrow length"

Why is that funny?

I thought the same thing...

Then I remembered all asians have eyebrow length bowl-cuts.

Mine's just below shoulder. I love having long hair again, I can finally do stuff with it like tie it up or put it in bunches again.
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Chicks simply don't look right with short hair, methinks. Unless they are bulldykes.

I have longer hair than most of the females I know, it's pretty funny.
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