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I'm looking for a reasonably priced Piezo bridge (non tremolo) to fit a Gibson 67 Flying V. Must be a British based site if at all possible.

Found 2 possibilities. One for £170 odd and another for £60ish. No idea of the average price for this kind of thing so don't know if I would be getting ripped off or buying crap.

Any help is appreciated

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There isnt that much difference in my opinion between expensive piezo bridges and moderatly ones, ovbiously like £30 is too cheap for this great piece of tech. Id say the £60ish would be best, i mean i have a peavey generation exp custom and it has piezo and ACM, i mean it cost me like £200, so i mean i doubt the piezo etc cost that much, but it sounds amazing, its my faveourite guitar, well over any les paul and fender.
This ian't what your asking for but the Boss acoustic guitar pedal may do what you want without having to mod your guiar
I would rather invest in the piezo than another pedal as I barely have the room for the pedals and other gear I already have. Besides from my experience piezos have a more realistic sound than pedals
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If you want to fit it on a Gibson style bridge it'll have to be an L.R. Baggs T-Bridge (I'm not aware of any others), I found this: http://www.guitar-parts-and-spares-uk.co.uk/index.html?lang=en-uk&target=d323.html

It's considerably cheaper from Stewmac: http://www.stewmac.com/cgi-bin/hazel.cgi?action=SERVE&G=1&sku=4830&ITEM=catalog/sku.html&CURRENCY=GBP but they're not British based that I'm aware of so you'll have to factor in things like import tax and postage.

But I think you'll also have to buy a pre-amp for it and maybe another output jack depending on how exactly you want to wire the system.
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