Hey guys, I was leaning to getting this guitar as a second one to hold me off for about two years and possibly to do small shows with in the wee future. I read alot of reviews on it and will be trying it and some of it's brother models too (RR3, Kelly, etc) up and down for the feel and everything. I love the particular shape and the Licensed floyd rose isn't bad as I heard there are some complaints about the duncan design humbuckers.

People likely say that they just don't cut out in their opinion, as you can see i'm into playing heavy metal, clean melodies, using pinch harmonics, and I have a sort of metalcore style in some of my music. I seem to be refraining to going to the RR3 model because it's shape and look seems to not be what i'm looking for when i play, and the KXV10 has what i'm looking for.

I been searching reviews on this site for the guitar on it's pick-ups and everything. I'm not so good with pick-ups so I was wondering, what would be a good choice of brand to get for my style of music and tone of the guitar i'm looking for. Please keep in mind that i'm looking for something that can be real distorted for metalcore, heavy metal, and good cleans. Not too muddy and not too thin, something thick. High output pick-ups I heard would be good for what I'm looking for. I'm new to humbuckers also and heard that they can also cancel out things such as heavy string or white noise through the amp as the advantages of heavy playing.

If anyone can guide me through customizing this guitar when i get the chance please feel free to ask any questions that will help. Thanks
why not just get the king v equivalent to the rr3? i mean the same pickups are gonna set you back some serious cash neway. i'd just get the one up and save yourself the trouble. what you've got to remember too is that if you get someone in a shop to put them in then you also have the cost of putting them in, which is usually a rip off.
What is the equivalent to the RR3?

and yeah i forgot about the cost of manual labor of putting them in and wiring them up :S

I will be trying this KVX10 tomorrow, i tried a friend's before but i didn't have right amp setting and such with pedal and all the gear ill be using. So I don't really know how the tone would be for me, I also didn't know why people rag on the duncan design pickups (hb1012 and hb 103) which i believe are korean made and as a fact korean made stuff isn't all that bad.
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I been looking at some seymour duncans, and also heard something about active emg's being the best. Any input?
Alright, i recently went to guitarcenter and tried it up and down. IT IS THEE GUITAR, that i really want. I notice that the taps, legato and such sound very loud because of the jumbo frets and i like that. The action is low making the frets seemed scalloped but i like it. I took a look and asked about pickups. While i was there my friend bought an epiphone g-400 and got sh-6 seymour duncan pickups for it. Kinda lead me in the direction of sound i wanted for my pick-ups.

High-output, heavy distortion, Iron maiden type tone (I was thinking livewire C-1 was perfect)

for a cleans (i think it may work)
Something that is rich not a sort of strat like tone but sort of an example like the sh-14 custom 5.

Overall the guitar tone is great, ill be getting a peavey 75w vypyr mostly im looking for pick-ups that would be good for most types of metal and anything heavy with alright cleans.