Hello all, I have a fender custom shop tonemaster for sale. Head, half cab, channel pedal and separate reverb unit. Absolutely mint condition. This amp sounds fantastic, but it is too much for my purposes now.

I have literally only played through this amp about 6 times. Excellent tone.

I am looking to sell the Head, cab, pedal and reverb unit for $2600.

Thanks for looking.
this forum is mostly kids trading boss ds-1's for digitech metal masters and vice versa. and if anyone is going to drop $2600 on anything they're going to want some pictures.
within you lay everything
every key
every secret

untouched and in plain sight
If anyone is interested and would like pics, please let me know.

If it helps, the serial is 0695. It is a tonemaster type csr 3.

Anyone know how many of these amps Fender made? I think I read somewhere they made 5000, but I could be way off.

thats alot of milk money,from mom an daddy for 90% of these guys thats some awsome gear an nice tone good luck selling it on hear. i you have junk it would sell like hotcakes.